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Passionate About Career Coaching, Career Transition and Change Management

Need help moving from where you are at to where you want to go? I am passionate about motivating people & organisations to achieve their ambition. It kills me when people or organisations are not doing everything in their power to be successful. 


Most of my professional career has involved coaching leaders & executives to develop and perform to their potential. I also consult in change management including, overcoming resistance to change. This gives me unique insights into what works and what doesn’t to get unstuck, lead people and ensure great employee experiences and sustainable change.


I am a certified APMG CMI change practitioner and have university qualifications in career counselling. However, my qualifications don't stop there. I stay up to date with the change management best practice, the job market and the latest coaching and counselling techniques through ongoing professional development - what is best practice in workplace engagement and career transition programs, what interview questions are being asked, what is considered to be a good professional resume, where are the jobs, what skills are required, what salary can you expect, what works in motivating and inspiring individuals, leaders and teams?


My approach includes a mix of impactful and practical coaching, counselling and advising. Wherever possible I introduce you to my large network (over 2000 contacts on LinkedIn alone). You will feel empowered, listened to and better able to understand what drives your career and what you can do to accelerate your job search and advance your career faster. My team counsel professionals both within their organisation, and privately and we run leadership and career workshops. I have many years’ experience conducting change management programs, individualised career coaching programs, including leadership / executive career coaching at organisations including Monash University, Origin Energy, Australian Tax Office and Pitcher Partners. Learn more about my services for individuals and organisations.


I follow a solutions focused positive psychology coaching and counselling technique that incorporates elements of NLP. The key assumptions underpinning this approach are:

1. Focussing on the future, the solution.

2. There are exceptions to every problem i.e.times when it doesn't occur. 

3. Change is occurring all the time, even if we do nothing.

4. Small changes lead to larger changes. 

5.Goal orientated  

6.Client focused. 

7. The client is resourceful. 

8. If it works,don't fix it, if it is not working do something different.

My marketing and communications background will help you to brand and market yourself for example through your resume or LinkedIn and is also helpful with stakeholder engagement and change communications. I have personal experience changing careers and have experiencing redundancy. 


As a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia, I contribute to my association through publications and regular attendance and presenting at industry events. I uphold confidentiality and have a high standard of professional ethics.


Change does not have to be hard. My passion is to work with people to be more confident in their career and to realise their career potential, resulting in improved career engagement and work performance. It's that simple.


Read more about what my clients have to say.

Visit and connect with me on LinkedIn for a full listing of my education credentials and certifications and work history.


1227-1229 Malvern Road, Malvern 3144

Melbourne, Australia


Tel: 0412 514 534


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