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Contact us if you are looking for practical support and motivation and want valuable advice on your career. We specialise in supporting individuals to change careers and identify their job options. Be supported when changing careers or looking for a new job opportunity and access the best advice. 

We can help you to be super clear on your career direction, engaged in your work and be unbelievably happy in your career. It's that simple! 

Do any of these describe you?

  • Looking for a new job or career opportunity?

  • Getting back into work after a break?

  • Experiencing redundancy?

  • Seeking to change jobs or professions?

  • Wanting to start a business?

  • Considering training or further study?

  • Unsure of your career options?

  • Applying for jobs?

  • Feeling low in confidence? 

  • Feeling unmotivated?

  • Don’t have someone you can talk to about your career?

  • New to Australia?

  • Needing some support through the job search or your career transition?

  • Seeking to improve your effectiveness in your current role? 

  • Need someone to challenge your career thinking?

We are here to help! We provide one-to-one coaching or group workshops. Just this financial year alone we had over 250 career conversations with individuals seeking new roles or more job satisfaction. It is this experience and our wide networks that we share with you.

Changing jobs is rated as one of the top five stresses we go through in life and searching for a job or a career path can feel like a lonely process - but we are here to support you. We empower job seekers to be job ready, conduct an effective job search and present themselves in the best possible way. We make sure you are confident in your career direction and present well.

We help you:

  • Articulate your strengths, values, and interests 

  • Identify your best career options

  • Use the most effective job search techniques 

  • Make further study decisions

  • Become confident in networking and self-marketing 

  • Develop resumes and LinkedIn profiles

  • Prepare for interviews 

Your ability to generate an income is the most important way to increase your wealth. Having professional help from an Altered Career coach will support you to do this. 

Career Planning
Career Planning and Job Search

Wanting to make a change? Not sure what you want to do?

We motivate you to reflect and re-evaluate your working life and use a structured and focused approach to help you plan your next career move, including investigating options, and determining what is important to you. This can also include understanding yourself better, understanding labour market trends and adjusting to options outside of your comfort zone. We help you to make informed and more confident decisions going forward about what it is you want to or can do and what it is you want to change. 

We take you through the key steps to career planning: 


  1. Self awareness - identifying and articulating your values, interests, knowledge, networks, experience, skills, strength, weaknesses, lifestyle goals. This step might involve a career or psychometric assessment. From this self awareness step we can identify career options

  2. Market yourself! Will your resume / cover letter or LinkedIn profile get you an interview? Access resume and cover letter templates. Have your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile reviewed.

  3. Networking and approaching the market - Know where and how to look for jobs. Most people get jobs through who they know. Do you know and are you confident to tap into your network? Do you know how to use social media to build your profile and search for jobs?

  4. Interview preparation - Know what to do before, during and after an interview. Learn the easiest and best tips for how to handle nerves, typical interview questions and common interview formats.

  5. First 90 days - how to conduct yourself when you move into your new job. How to set yourself up for success and set positive expectations.

LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a key tool for being found for jobs, networking, finding jobs, and promoting yourself or your business. We coach you on how to create and optimise your LinkedIn profile and also how to use LinkedIn.


Did you know? Your LinkedIn profile is not simply the same as your resume published online.


We provide you with tips on how to maximise your use and presence on LinkedIn. We help you to feel confident and even be effective when networking and marketing yourself.

Interview Preparation
Interview Preparation

Do your nerves get the better of you in interviews? Do you feel your interview performance lets you down? Have you not gone for a formal interview for a long time?


Interviewing has changed significantly even within the past 5 years. Get up to speed and comfortable with modern interview formats and questions. We provide you with the most effective tips in how to make a good impression. Know how to handle tricky questions, your nerves and salary negotiation. The key to interview success is preparation. Prepare for your next interview with an expert

Business Coaching
Personal Career and Performance Coaching

Grow and develop in your career and role. Together we will build your potential and minimise what is holding you back. We might work on improving your confidence - ever felt imposter syndrome or had a set back? Time management skills, motivation, public speaking, influencing, professional presence, personal branding, giving and receiving inspiring feedback, dealing with uncertainty and change, having difficult conversations, improving a workplace relationship or your leadership or people management skills. Sometimes you just need someone who is independent and that can challenge you in a supportive way. 

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