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She gets change at the individual and organisational level

Kerina embodies what it means to have growth mindset. Constantly adding to her skills. A life coach, career coach and a Change Manager. In fact what makes her so good as a Change Manager is because she gets change at the individual level. She knows what it's like for people to go through turbulent times and adapt to shifts in their way of life. Being able to scale this learning to an organisational level is both an art and a science and Kerina is amazing at balancing both.

Speaker | Facilitator | Coach | Change

Wealth of practical advice

Kerina Alter is an exceptional career coach. She helped me see skills I possessed that were not obvious to me and gave me the vocabulary to express their relevance outside my academic profession. Kerina has a wealth of practical advice to offer and shares it generously. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to move into a new profession, and in particular, to academics with career aspirations beyond the university.

Political Science | International Relations | Research | Policy

Improvement in focus and content

I couldn't recommend Kerina more highly. In working with her there was an immediate uplift in my understanding of how to present myself, with a significant improvement in the focus and content in job applications letters, the right emphasis in my CV, and invaluable insight into how to lift and present my LinkedIn profile. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and she is able to define exactly what path to take to make meaningful improvements in striving for success in one's career. In addition to all the practical assistance, Kerina was also incredibly supportive in reminding me that I have been successful in my career so far for a reason. Kerina has a lovely, easy going manner and working with her is a real pleasure.

Data Analytics Professional

Supportive and flexible

I engaged Kerina for professional development via a year-long executive coaching program. I found Kerina excellent and have recommended her to friends and associates. Kerina's approach to coaching me was supportive and flexible. She made a difference to the way I see myself interacting with my direct reports, managers, peers and leaders in the workplace.

Chief Operating Officer

High level of positive energy, patience and professionalism

After a previous setback in my job, I was referred by a friend of mine to contact Kerina for some career advice. She carried a high level of positive energy and was very patient and professional in working with me throughout the process. Rather than focusing immediately on getting a new job, she guided me to unwrap the emotions and explore the core values attached to my career. Her approach expanded my thinking to enable me to discover a range of options that I never thought of. This empowering process liberated me from the feeling of being trapped in my previous role where I was not happy with and inspired me to broaden my horizon to ideas that were fresh, creative and challenging. 

Careers & Industry Consultant, Melbourne Law School

Challenged me to re-think and build my professional brand

"I had a wonderful experience working with Kerina. She challenged me to re-think and build my professional brand, both on paper and in the interview. In the end we achieved everything we set out to and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks Kerina!"

Marketing coordinator

A well-informed, technologically savvy, subject matter expert

"A well-informed, technologically savvy, subject matter expert, Kerina delivers coaching sessions that are inspirational, empowering and cutting edge. As a presenter /facilitator she is focused, down to earth and engaging. She is the perfect resource when you need a top-shelf, professional to help you realise your full career potential."

Career Coach and Consultant

Helped to shape and identify my own career goals

"Kerina is a great listener and facilitator whom helped to shape and identify my own career goals. Furthermore she has provided invaluable guidance around the how and importance of networking, resulting in the expansion of my networks within my industry.  I would be happy to recommend Kerina to anyone wanting to get ahead in the job market." 

Packaging, Design & Innovation Management

A great resource

"Kerina, is a great resource when wanting advice on what to do next in your search for a new role but also just as sounding board for your thoughts and ideas on new prospective roles. I worked with Kerina a couple years back and still keep in touch with her and she is always willing to give me a hand in some area of advice. Would fully recommend Kerina to anyone looking for some career advice."

Marketing Manager

Changed my career life for the better​... gained the skills and insight I needed to successfully leap from my comfort zone into delivering multi-million dollar I.T. projects

"I have personally received career coaching from Kerina and the process has changed my career life for the better.  I recommend Kerina (and career coaching in general) to anyone who wants more than they currently have from a career.  From my initial introduction into career coaching, I gained the skills and insight I needed to successfully leap from my comfort zone into delivering multi-million dollar I.T. projects.  That process took just 6 months but I will keep my career coach for the rest of my working life."

IT Implementation Coordinator

Very passionate & pro-active

"I had the privilege of doing a TAFE Linkedin course recently tutored by Kerina Alter. It was very informative and made more interesting by Kerina's push for student interaction.  Kerina is very switched on about the importance of networking & marketing yourself throughout your employment career, something I am also very passionate about.  Kerina was very passionate & pro-active encouraging the students to communicate with her after the course if they needed any Linkedin assistance as a free service. I accepted this nice offer asking a few questions that were answered promptly.  By offering high level service & achieving good results, Kerina's business Altered Career (career marketing & employment consulting), will continue to grow from strength to strength."

Prestige Financial Controller Consultancy/ Bookkeeping Services

Able to make me think differently

​​"While I've been in interviews (both as interviewee and interviewer) for years, Kerina was able to make me think differently about how to approach them. She provided a whole range of ideas and support for the interview process - including tips on how to make a great first impression. I'd love to share them now...but you're better off asking her!"


Insightful approach and warm, friendly manner​

"Thank you Kerina for your insightful approach and warm, friendly manner. After feeling a bit overwhelmed by the job search and trying to figure out what I really wished for in a career, Kerina gave me some concrete 1, 2, 3 steps as to how to tackle the search and order my thinking better. She also advised on other avenues I could consider in finding out about 'hidden' positions. It's good to know Kerina's there to support me if I need any further direction or clarity."


Encouraging approach and great insights

Thanks for your no-nonsense but encouraging approach and great insights into the interview process. It's been a revelation. Until now I've been at the mercy of my fears. Now I have a rational way to tackle this.

Secondary teacher

Pragmatic and insightful approach

Kerina was recommended to me by a colleague when I was looking for help with career direction. Kerina's pragmatic and insightful approach empowered me to understand my strengths and where my passion is. With her comprehensive coaching experience and knowledge, Kerina helped me navigate my career, providing me with new tools, perspectives and confidence. Kerina offered massive support, including resume writing and job interview preparation, as well as recommended articles, meetups and courses that could help. Her support helped me land a fulfilling role in a great company, and I'm so grateful that I worked with her. I highly recommend Kerina's outstanding guidance and coaching services.

User Experience Designer

Valuable project support - Career Transition

Kerina provided valuable project support on a large and challenging Career Transition assignment assisting our client, a subsidiary of Cabrini Health. We were working with 130+ people ranging from management to shop floor, a wide variety of ages and nationalities and many with little or no English. Kerina was extremely well organised, developed a great rapport with management and participants alike and provided many practical solutions to the staff who were most upset at the likely loss of their jobs. She was very easy to work with and provided an excellent end of project report for senior management.


Extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and easy to talk to

Earlier this year I was looking for some career and life direction and Kerina was recommended to me.  I had been in a bit of a rut and hoped that by getting some ‘career therapy’ I could shift things into a different direction. Kerina’s initial pre-meeting questionnaire helped me focus on what I wanted and forced to me to sit down and think about my previous choices, so it was an excellent tool for reflection.

We only had a couple of sessions but Kerina was very insightful and helpful, and just meeting with her and getting her encouragement helped me get things moving. In the manner of a good therapist, she challenged me and suggested options I would never have thought for myself, such as doing a Phd or applying to becoming a board member.

I found Kerina to be extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and easy to talk to, and I am extremely happy to recommend her as a coach.

Technical Writer

Professional rapport and resources provided inspiration

Kerina was recommended to me by a colleague and I haven’t looked back only forward.  From our initial meeting we built an immediate professional rapport and I looked forward to our sessions and conversations.  Kerina listened to where I was at in my career and teased out my strengths and possible solutions for a change in work direction.  My CV took a turn for the best through her rigour and recommendations.

The provision of different resources and supports to research and explore have inspired me to feel confident to make a change.  This change in mindset has also had a positive impact on my current situation in my career.  Thank you Kerina, you have made a difference.


Challenged me to re-think and build my professional brand

"I had a wonderful experience working with Kerina. She challenged me to re-think and build my professional brand, both on paper and in the interview. In the end we achieved everything we set out to and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks Kerina!"

Marketing coordinator

Without Kerina's help I would not have landed my dream job!

"Kerina completely transformed the way I approached my career planning and job search. Every appointment we had, Kerina came with so many ideas, suggestions, advice and options to explore! It was clear to me from early on that Kerina was a very educated and skilled career coach. Without Kerina's help I would not have landed my dream job! I can't possibly thank Kerina enough - what an outstanding coach!" 

HR Manager

Excellent work and encouragement

"Kerina, thank you for your excellent work and encouragement. I was feeling uncertain and unmotivated and you have really helped me focus on what I need to do and stay positive and persistent which paid off. I am very grateful for your advice and guidance and I'm feeling really positive about my career in progress! Thank you so much!"

Management Accountant

An engaging trainer

"Kerina is an excellent trainer who has the ability to see the positive and the negative aspects of students and a trainer who makes students realize their weaknesses and help make them strengths.   She would add humour to our training sessions and make them more lively. She is an engaging trainer." 

Customer service coordinator

Great professional skills

"As a PPA student used to study with Kerina, I found her has a strong passion to her jobs, and she always try whatever she can to help us and give us great ideas to improve our soft skills and conquer difficulties. I think if you are the person who has great professional skills which unknown by employers, she will be the best person who help you to present and let them know and appreciate you."

Graduated accountant

A caring trainer like a lighthouse which guided me directions when I was confused

"Kerina is a hardworking and responsible trainer who taught me valuable career knowledge and job-seeking skills outside textbooks. She is a caring trainer like a lighthouse which guided me directions when I was confused with my career path. Meanwhile, she is an assertive and down-to-earth person who puts efforts on her work and make herself understood by students."

Accounting Officer

Able to secure a job in my chosen field very quickly

"Many thanks for your help Kerina. My CV is excellent. When I sent it off I received really good feedback and was able to secure a job in my chosen field very quickly. I couldn't believe what a difference you made. I would recommend using Kerina if you want to increase your chances of getting an interview and the job you want. Thanks Kerina!"

International Student (London)​

I would definitely get an interview based on the strength of my resume

"Kerina really helped me to work out what I wanted out of my job and what wasn't working. She was great at listening and pointing out things that I didn't even realise. Kerina also reviewed my resume and the changes she recommended made all the difference. The recruiter had so much to say about how well my resume read and was constructed. He said I would definitely get an interview based on the strength of my resume. Thanks Kerina!"


Facilitated a DiSC leadership session with our leadership team

Kerina facilitated a DiSC leadership session with our leadership team of 12. The feedback from the team was that the exercise was very effective in helping us better understand ourselves and our team mates. Particularly, what excites and energises one member of the team may be confronting for others. This has lead to a greater understanding of each other and more effective team work. I thoroughly recommend the program.

COO Bodycare Workplace Solutions

Clarity around the next step

Kerina is such a lovely person who knows how to get things done. I went to see her looking for clarity around the next step in my career, and she helped me explore different options, connect with others, and then choose a direction. At the end of my sessions with her, I had found a new job which I love! I really valued the support that Kerina provided me, and would absolutely recommend working with her.

Program Management and Design | Project Planning | Operations | Strategy

Insight was invaluable

Thank-you so much for all of your help this year. Your insight was invaluable and allowed me to get a better understanding about what career aligned with my values and what path I should take to get there.

Marketing Account Manager

Amazing and invaluable

I could not endorse Kerina & her services more. Kerina is amazing at what she does & extremely professional. Working with her recently during a number of sessions proved invaluable to me in securing a new role. Highly recommended!


Dedicated and knowledgeable coach

As a dedicated and knowledgeable coach, I found Kerina to be extraordinarily helpful. I gained significant confidence from our first meeting and walked away with a more positive mind set.  After making Kerina's recommended changes to my CV I was called to attend two interviews. Kerina definitely steered me towards the right track. 


Highly individualised and thought provoking approach

"As Toyota Technical Centre's preferred career consulting firm, Kerina and her extremely capable team of career consultants at Altered Career, were instrumental in supporting our employees transition to new careers as we all prepared for the closure of TTC-AU.

The highly individualised and thought provoking approach ensured that each employee could explore their personal ambitions, motivations and requirements before making an informed decision about the next step in their career.

From the initial tender selection process, it was obvious that Kerina was a master in her field and was aware of the issues we could face. She provided both the company and employees with practical and constructive advice to improve individual and collective outcomes.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kerina to support 1 or 100 employees as part of a company restructure, or to assist individuals who are reassessing their career or just want to improve their effectiveness in their current role."

HR Manager Toyota Technical Centre Australia

Ability to understand my strengths and help me articulate my story and successes helped transform my professional brand

"Kerina's whole process and approach was a fantastic experience. Her ability to understand my strengths and help me articulate my story and successes helped transform my professional brand in a really logical and genuine way. Kerina was full of great ideas, and tangible actions to help me use my networks well and drive my career forward - I can't thank you enough! I landed a great role within 2 weeks of meeting Kerina." 

Senior Change Manager

Passionate and talented trainer

"Kerina is a very passionate and talented trainer at Professional Pathways Australia. Her strong ability to make students realise their potentials in the industry is admirable. Not to mention all the valuable experiences as a career adviser that she shared with students. I personally feel that I have learned and grown so much over the past several months. All thanks to Kerina."

Service Consultant

You have been a huge help...​ made me feel comfortable and supported

"Thank-you Kerina! You have been a huge help to me.  Following role redundancy I approached Kerina with a great deal of uncertainty as to what my future career path might be.   Kerina made me feel comfortable and supported from the moment we met.  I found Kerina's discourse very empowering in the way coached and encouraged me to look at different career options.  Kerina's subject knowledge about the topics discussed was outstanding and I learnt a lot each time we met.  I look forward to working with Kerina more in the future and have highly recommended her services to colleagues."

Technical Support / Team Leader

Provided great insights and challenged me to re-think some of my own assumptions, while making the experience enjoyable and interesting

"I engaged Kerina after hearing her present at a seminar on career progression and personal development. Kerina provided some great insights and challenged me to re-think some of my own assumptions, while making the experience enjoyable and interesting. I would highly recommend Kerina to anyone looking for help in this area."

Transformational Leader with experience across Geoscience, Project Management and Corporate Services

Unique capability of understanding individual's potential, strengths and qualities

"Kerina is a trainer with a unique capability of understanding individual's potential, strengths and qualities. She focuses on the weaker areas of an individual like physical appearance, resume and body language. Thus, she provides a detail feedback and one can improve on it.   She always motivates everyone to focus on their goal and what they want to achieve. In the beginning of the professional year I was not good at presentation skills but at the end of classroom sessions I was suppose to do a presentation on a business project, I did it without looking to the paper and with full confidence. It was only possible because of Kerina's detailed feedback and support I did the presentation so confidently. This is the best way I can describe her quality training skills.  She is a good person personally as well as professionally to work together."

Accounting Professional

Helped me perfect my resume

​"Kerina helped me really think through what I liked/didn't like about my job and work out what it was that I really wanted to do. And then she helped me perfect my resume to help me make the career change I wanted - thanks Kerina, couldn't have done it without you!"


Encouraged me to think about my aspirations and skills in an honest, open way​

"I met with Kerina when I was considering my next career move, looking for something new. It wasn't just the questions that Kerina asked, but also how she did it, that encouraged me to think about my aspirations and skills in an honest, open way. She then provided clear feedback and sensible advice about various options to consider. I am now on a new career path and very glad that I met with Kerina. Her help was invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for new career directions or advice."


Highly professional career development advice

Kerina provided me with highly professional career development advice. She is friendly, supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. Her advice is wide ranging, based on best practice and is up-to-date with the latest technology and online platforms available. I would recommend her to anyone looking for career coaching.  senior policy. analyst 


Helped me identify a roadmap for my career

I cannot recommend Kerina highly enough. She helped me identify what I wanted from my career and a road map to get there. It didn't happen overnight, but rather from consistent good habits she helped me develop. Kerina has been there for a quick pep talk or as an expert voice into industry norms. Extremely valuable relationship. Thank you Kerina! 

Business Development | Partnerships | Sponsorship

Changed my life

Thank you so much for the work you have done with me. The tools and support you have given me has (literally) changed my life.

Communications Manager

Going above and beyond

Kerina provided professional and thorough guidance through my career transition, going above and beyond what I would have expected, enabling me secure employment. Taking the time to support me in understanding my specific requirements and needs, enabled a truly personalised service.

Product Engineering Manager

Kind and supportive and confronted my inner self

“Having been through the sad experience of losing a job that I enjoyed and faced with the daunting task of finding employment, I was very fortunate that I had Kerina as my support person. I warmed very quickly to Kerina who was very kind and supportive and confronted my inner self to come up with the goods when challenged to be positive and courageous with seeking employment.

Kerina is very friendly and very knowledgeable when updating my resume to a standard that would get the prospective employer’s attention and it wasn’t long before I was contacted for an interview and landed a job. 

I would  thoroughly  recommend Kerina for the way she guided me through this process and for her warm support. She is an asset to anyone seeking employment or career change or whatever it may be and I am very appreciative of the time that I spent with Kerina as it was extremely beneficial and also a pleasure because of the wonderful person that Kerina is.”

Youth and Community Development

Broadens your horizons so you're aware of all your options

"By understanding your skill set, aspirations and potential, Kerina broadens your horizons so you're aware of all your options, before helping you make concrete steps in the direction you want to go.  Kerina's service is highly personalised, and she's very responsive and accommodating when you get an interview or offer.  It was great having Kerina's support throughout my career transition."

Business Analyst and Change Manager

Astute, professional and compassionate

"After a brief search on LinkedIn for a career coach/career change counsellor, I discovered Kerina via a shared connection. Over several months I was fortunate to be guided by her to refocus and stay positive in my journey while conducting her meetings in an astute, professional and compassionate manner – quite refreshing in this day of age. I have no qualms in recommending Kerina should you need help."​

Project, Design, Contract Management | Retail & Commercial Projects | Client Side Expertise

Meeting Kerina was one of my best choices I've taken recently with regards to job seeking

"A couple of months ago, I had the privilege to be guided by Kerina. I've consulted with her on the following topics:
1. Understand the Australian job market and the Australian employer and employee.
2. Understand Australian workplace culture.
3. Guidance on essential pre-interview research, salary negotiation and good follow up etiquette.
4. Optimize and alter my resume and cover letters according to the local market and terminology in general and the environmental field in particular.
5. Receive tips on how to read a job advertisement.
6. Get her advice on clarifying the next step in my career in light of the above.
7. Other

Even though I've been refereed to Kerina by a mutual friend, I didn't know what to expect and whether the above-listed objectives will actually be met.

After three guided sessions with her, I can assure you that meeting Kerina was one of my best choices I've taken recently with regards to job seeking. She's patient, clear, super focused on the desired objectives, and presented a dedicated and a professional approach before, during and after the sessions.

Good luck!" 

Environmental Consulting

Expertly identified my need for a different style of communication

"Kerina expertly identified my need for a different style of communication. In clarifying my position as Founder & CEO of an innovative social enterprise, I was couched to meet the challenges head on. Kerina's empowering coaching style helped reinforce my commitment, courage, capability and confidence! I highly recommend Kerina for anyone in need of career advice."


Valuable feedback and advice on how to increase my presence on LinkedIn

"I want to thank Kerina for helping me to vastly improve my LinkedIn profile. Kerina gave me some very valuable feedback and advice on how to increase my presence on LinkedIn and this has resulted in me getting increased contacts, connections and traffic. I'm very pleased with the results that this improvement has given me. I would be most happy to recommend Kerina to anyone who wants to get more out of their LinkedIn profile."

Business Analyst


"Coming to a new country and applying for jobs can be very daunting.  How do I start to navigate the confusing waters of Australian bureaucracy?

I came to Kerina with many questions: How should I word my cover letter?  When is the best time to call a prospective employer? What should I say to sound my best? ....  Kerina patiently answered all my questions and was extremely professional. I was particularly impressed with how well-informed she was about my specific field of employment and the innovative and creative advice she gave me about how to stand out amongst other applicants.

Thank you Kerina for maximising the impact of my CV and giving me the confidence to be assertive in pursuing the job I want!"

Professional (USA)

I have had numerous interviews

​​"Thank you for all of your great help with my cv recently it has made a huge difference while I have been looking for a job.

Being a graduate, it can be really hard to make your a cv look different but with your help it looks great and I have had numerous interviews since I have started to send it out :)

Thanks again!"

Professional (Ireland)

I am now heading in the right direction

Kerina, you are a star! My resume was in a mess and I had no idea on what direction to take to alter my career path but with Kerina's advise I am now heading in the right direction. Thank you very much Kerina.


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