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Contact us to help you develop the potential of your workforce or to facilitate a change in your workplace.

We are here to help with:

  • Career Transition, Outplacement or Redundancy or Redeployment

  • Employee Engagement and Employee Experience

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching  

  • Returning to the workforce coaching (Parental leave,Workcover, Career Break) 

  • Transition to Retirement Coaching 

  • Mentor and career development programs 

  • Team building - including personality and leadership profiling 

  • Popular workshops: Inspiring and Effective Feedback, Effective Career Development Conversations, Time Management, New to People Management, Empathetic Leadership, Career Development and Career Check-In, Courageous Difficult Conversations, Influencing Skills, Taking a Coaching Approach, Change Leadership and Design Thinking.    

  • Wellbeing and Mental Health - level 1 stepped care eg. prevention, resources, early intervention, low intensity and as an add on to employee assistance programs (EAP) where the challenge is not moderate or severe mental health

  • Change management - Agile and Lean, strategy, readiness assessments, change impact analysis, stakeholder engagement, change communications, training, journey or empathy mapping. Digital and cultural changes, employee experience, acquisitions / divestments and restructures.   We can help with increasing adoption, utilisation and productivity, build the catalyst for change or with the uptake and embedding of new habits and change practices within your organisation. 

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