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Move forward with our support, we can help to facilitate your change. 


100% Risk free guarantee. If you attend a coaching session or workshop and are not convinced what you learned will allow you to significantly improve, we will cheerfully refund your fees.

career transition, career counselling, performance coach, executive coaching, 

employee experience and engagement and change management consulting 

How Can altered career Help You

Altered Career works with individuals and organisations to facilitate positive change experiences.

Altered Career coaches are passionate about working with professional adults to realise their career potential, grow in their career and accelerate their job search through career counselling and coaching. We specialise in career change, identifying job options and personal performance coaching.

Altered Career consults to organisations to facilitate the potential of their workforce through change management, culture change, executive and leadership coaching, professional development training, team building, employee engagement, employee experience, mentoring, employee development and outplacement programs.   

Altered Career  is committed to leaving individuals, teams and organisations in a better position and we are passionate about positive and healthy workplaces.  



kerina alter

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Kerina Alter is the Director of Altered Career and is the Principal Coach, Counsellor & Change Consultant.


 I have qualifications in change management, career counselling, business and personal coaching and communication / marketing.  However, my qualifications don't stop there. I am committed to staying up to date with best practice in these fields including in the areas of Agile and Lean change, Design Thinking, Positive Psychology, Behaviour Change, Leadership, the Job and Labour Market and Workshop Design and Facilitation through ongoing professional development. 

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