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100% Risk free guarantee. If you attend a coaching session or workshop and are not convinced what you learned will allow you to significantly improve, we will cheerfully refund your fees.

How I Can Help You

Altered Career works with people and organisations experiencing change. We aim to decrease disruption and to help you to realise the full benefit of the change. Altered Career will support you to get ready, willing and able to take on change as well as sustain the change. In the process we help you to get super clear on your direction and to find the confidence you need to get ahead. 

Altered Career provides leadership and career workplace coaching and change management services to build the capability of your staff and support them to achieve success.

Altered Career coaches are passionate about working with professional adults to realise their career potential and accelerate their job search. We empower job seekers to know what their career options are, be job ready, conduct an effective job search and present themselves in the best possible way.

Altered Career consults to organisations to manage and develop the potential of their workforce through executive and leadership coaching and workplace training. 




Need help moving from where you are at to where you want to go? I am passionate about motivating people & organisations to achieve their ambition. It kills me when people or organisations are not doing everything in their power to be successful. 


Most of my professional career has involved coaching leaders & executives to develop and perform to their potential. I also consult in change management including, overcoming resistance to change. This gives me unique insights into what works and what doesn’t to get unstuck, lead people and ensure great employee experiences and sustainable change.

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