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About Kerina alter

Passionate About Career Coaching, Career Transition and Change Management
Kerina Alter

Kerina Alter is the Director of Altered Career and is the Principal Coach, Counsellor & Change Consultant.


 I have qualifications in change management, career counselling, business and personal coaching and communication / marketing.  However, my qualifications don't stop there. I am committed to staying up to date with best practice in these fields including in the areas of Agile and Lean change, Design Thinking, Positive Psychology, Behaviour Change, Leadership, the Job and Labour Market and Workshop Design and Facilitation through ongoing professional development. 


I have been involved with executive coaching and workplace and HR change initiatives for over 10 years, working at the individual, team and enterprise level for organisations like Toyota, Department of Justice and Monash University. I am cross skilled with a deep knowledge of change topped with internal communication and marketing skills in addition to executive and workplace coaching, career development and counselling skills and training. Having worked on digital and cultural changes, employee experience, acquisitions / divestments and restructures I have coached individuals, identified the impacts to employees and customers and created positive transitioning experiences in addition to ensuring sustained change. I am able to incorporate design thinking, agile, lean and change management practices.  

Experienced across the employee life cycle from study options, upskilling, changing careers to seeking work, onboarding to developing in a role, returning to the workforce (eg. parental or workcover or career breaks), leadership development right through to retirement and offboarding and even during a crisis eg. Covid 19.


I have been at the forefront of the future of work being consulted by Seek and invited by the government in this space. Experienced working across a range of professions, industries and companies has exposed me to current job trends, a breadth of careers and ways of working, a large network and insights into the future of work. 


With a marketing and communications background (having worked at ANZ and for the police) I will help you to brand and market yourself through your resume or LinkedIn profile and at an interview. Having successfully changed careers 5 times and having personally experienced redundancy I know what it takes to move forward successfully and am empathetic. 

I am a committed member of the Career Development Association of Australia and the Change Management Institute. I uphold confidentiality and have a high standard of professional ethics.

Seeing the opportunity in change is my mantra.  I enjoy working with professional adults to be confident about their career direction, growth and in presenting themselves. I also enjoy facilitating change to improve employee engagement and experiences. It's that simple.


I am committed to leaving individuals, teams and organisations in a better position and passionate about positive and healthy workplaces 

as I know this makes a big difference to good mental health and wellbeing.

Read more about what my clients have to say.

Visit and connect with me on LinkedIn for a full listing of my education credentials and certifications and work history.

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