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Contact us to help you manage and develop the potential of your workforce or to facilitate a change in your workplace.


We are here to help with:

  • Career Transition, Outplacement or Redundancy or Redeployment

  • Employee Engagement and Employee Experience

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching  

  • Returning to the workforce coaching (Parental leave,Workcover, Career Break) 

  • Transition to Retirement Coaching 

  • Mentor and career development programs 

  • Team building - including personality and leadership profiling 

  • Professional development and leadership training workshops- inspiring and effective feedback, having effective career development conversations, time management, new to people management, empathetic leadership, career development, courageous difficult conversations, influencing skills, taking a coaching approach, change management and facilitation skills Design thinking workshops  

  • Wellbeing and mental health - level 1 stepped care eg. prevention, resources, self empowerment, early intervention, low intensity and as an add on to employee assistance programs (EAP) where the challenge is not moderate or severe mental health

  • Change management (strategy, readiness assessments, change impact analysis, stakeholder engagement, change communications, training, journey or empathy mapping - digital and cultural changes, employee experience, acquisitions / divestments and restructure)

Career Transition and Redundancy
Career Transition and Redundancy Services

We provide notification support and career transition programs to get people back into jobs sooner and feel supported along the way. Our services can be customised by job level and title and involves a high level of one-on-one meetings and job ready workshops.

In-house Coaching
In-house Coaching and Engagement

We provide coaching to help you manage and develop the potential of your workforce.


Did you know? Organisations are 21% more likely to report revenue growth if they actively promote career development.


Career coaching in the workplace is effective in assisting employees to build their preferred future and make decisions about their performance.


In-house coaching is becoming more accepted as an effective method of improving employee engagement which importantly can improve productivity and the customer experience.


Did you know? 82% of employees stated that if Career Conversations were more regular they would be more engaged in the work they do.


Sadly, career conversations do not happen regularly in the workplace, typically because most managers do not feel comfortable having a career conversation and employees do not know how or feel comfortable initiating a conversation.  We deliver these popular career workshops: ‘Having effective career development conversations in the workplace” for managers and HR professionals and ‘Career Check-Up’, a workshop for employees to reflect on where their career is now, where they are going and why and how they might get there.


Did you know? Google’s internal career development coach taught dozens of senior-level Googlers transformative coaching and career development skills and was cited by CNN Money as one of the primary perks in an article describing why Google was selected as the #2 company to work for in 2013.

Transition to Retirement
Transition to Retirement

Retirement no longer means not working. It is now more defined as a career phase relating to repositioning the importance or work. Unfortunately people do not spend time planning for their retirement, despite the need to continue to set goals and get actively involved in what their life will look like.   


Increasing numbers of retired people are starting whole new careers after retiring from their original career. Having a career coach to plan with can help. For many people, retirement can be challenging as they adjust to the loss of a stable work routine and its associated sense of purpose.


We help you to consider the possibilities for the next phase of your life and to leave with new ideas, confidence and excitement about the next stage.

Group Workshops
Group Workshops
  • Career Check Up


  • Master the interview to land the job


  • Resume and Cover Letters that let you stand out from the crowd


  • Networking and marketing yourself to land a job


  • LinkedIn for networking and finding jobs


  • LinkedIn for business

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Did you know many newly placed executives fail within their first two years in the position? Did you also know that many leaders want personal development and support through a professional relationship?


Altered Career provides executive coaching to help leaders grow in their role and to help leaders manage and develop the potential of your workforce. Executive coaching can help prevent failure and accelerate a new leader’s effectiveness.


At the organisational level, our executive coaches help companies avoid costly management turnover, develop their most talented people and ensure that leaders perform at their maximum potential.

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