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People Mangement
People Management Success workshop

In a management role but have never received any training? In this 2 day practical management and leadership course you will learn better techniques for managing yourself, managing up and for getting 100% effort from your team. This course will help you to become a more effective, respected and confident team leader, supervisor or manager - guaranteed. Topics covered on the training include:   

  • How to avoid common leadership mistakes

  • Management styles

  • Time management and delegation

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Taking a coaching approach to solving issues with staff

  • Communication skills

  • Active listening skills

  • Technology tools to help with communication and time or project management

  • Conversations every manager should be having with their staff

  • Managing difficult conversations

  • Giving feedback and keeping staff motivated

  • Creating great team cultures

  • Team motivation

  • Handling performance reviews

  • Managing goals and objectives

  • Managing your manager

  • Managing the boss V Friends relationship

  • Top 10 things new team leaders should do first

  • Influencing skills and assertive skills

  • Managing and leading change

  • Managing remote teams

  • Managing people older than you

  • Managing difficult people and behaviours

  • Managing pressure & stress - wellbeing

  • Financial Management

Register your interest for the next course - To be held in February 2020

Public Speking
Career Check Up
Use Public Speaking Skills to Ace Your Job Interview

A job interview isn’t too different from a speech. In both scenarios, however, what you say is just as important as how you say it.

Come to this session to learn public speaking tips that’ll also prepare you for any interview

We'll provide you with a step-by-step tips of how to become a great presenter and how to deliver an excellent interview.


Limited spots available.


Get that job you have always wanted!


This training is for you if:

  • You get nervous, anxious or terrified before public speaking or an interview

  • You have not been getting job offers or being passed over by people in your job?

  • You are unsure how to handle tricky questions, for example ‘what are your weaknesses?” “Why did you leave your job?”

  • You are in the process of seeking a new job

  • You want to present yourself in the best possible way and make a good impression



Confidence, clarity and delivery are the most important components in framing your message and expressing it.

Career Check Up – reconnect with your career and job satisfaction

A workshop to reflect on where your career is now, where you are going and why and how you might get there. A great workshop to help you to take more control of your career direction. Benefit from having the structure to reflect on your career, be empowered to realise your career options and gain confidence to reach your potential. Sometimes we start falling short of what we set out to originally achieve, this workshop might just be the pep talk you need!

Workshop is highly interactive and all participants will obtain a workbook.

Master the Interview
Master the interview to land the job

Do you interview well? Do you understand the process? The interview process is where you make that crucial first impression.

  • How to approach and prepare for an interview

  • Tips to gain confidence and handle nerves

  • How to answer typical interview questions – behavioural questions, your introduction 

  • Know what questions to ask

  • Different types of interview formats – Face-to- face, Skype, Phone, Group, phone, Panel

  • How to questions about your salary expectations

  • Avoid making common interview mistakes

  • Body language techniques

Resume and Cover Letters
Resume and Cover Letters that let you stand out from the crowd

The job market is highly competitive. Learn how to write and present a winning resume and cover letter that will boost your chances of impressing prospective employers and securing an invitation to interview. A current relevant resume is an important marketing document and mastering this skill is a critical job seeking skill, regardless what stage of your career you are at. You will benefit by learning: insider tips, practical skills, how to market yourself and strategies to optimise your resume to today’s market realities. This practical course is led by an industry professional with a background in careers and marketing.

  • How to prepare a professional resume and cover letter 

  • Resume structure, including the different types of resumes

  • Resume presentations (layout and design)

  • Resume writing (including templates)

  • Resume tips and advice on the latest developments in resumes, including applicant tracking systems

  • Cover letter / email structure (including templates)

  • How to write to a job advertisement 

  • Avoid making common resume mistakes

Netwroking and Marketing
Networking and marketing yourself to land a job

Networking is a great way to find a job – and often it can be an easier route to success.


Networking is not about asking for a job. It’s about creating and building quality relationships so that you can enlist support and comfortably ask for ideas, advice and referrals.


Networking makes others aware of your job search and your career focus, it can increase your knowledge about a particular field or industry, and you can discover jobs that are available but have not been advertised.


Too often networking is forgotten. Networking is a great way to discover jobs or to be discovered for a job. Learn the best way to networking and how to avoid common networking pitfalls.

LinkedIn for Networking
LinkedIn for networking and finding jobs
  • Get confident with using LinkedIn

  • Create a personal profile on LinkedIn

  • Personal branding

  • Professional online networking

  • Know how to search for jobs, people and companies

  • Understand the power of Groups on LinkedIn

  • Avoid making common LinkedIn profile mistakes

  • Learn how to be found for jobs

LinkedIn for Business
LinkedIn for Business
  • Create a business profile on LinkedIn

  • Business marketing/ promotion

  • Market research / competitor intelligence

  • LinkedIn analytics

  • Publishing on LinkedIn

12 week challenge
12 week career challenge

Get your career back on track. Whether you are looking for a career change or just want to re check in with your career goals this is the boot camp for you!

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