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Kerina Alter - AlteredCareer
Passionate About Career Coaching and Career Transition

So, you have reached a point where you think you need someone to help you with your career? I would be pleased to be your career coach and provide you with independent counsel and my professional expertise.

My clients are happy. I am the director and principal coach at Altered Career and I am proud to tell you that this business continues to grow thanks to referrals. In fact over 90% of our clients are referrals. It is for this reason I am confident to offer my clients a 100% money back guarantee.

Kerina Alter is an expert career and leadership coach and change consultant that helps people with their career transitions. She has coached over 2000 individuals including people starting out in their career, re-entering the workforce, mid career, executives, business owners right through to those at the retirement stage. Kerina gets people to be super clear on their career direction and what success looks like so that they can feel excited, proud and inspired by their work. She works closely with people wanting to change careers and jobs. 


Career highlights include coaching over 160 Toyota R&D engineers and senior management to change their careers after the shut down of the automotive manufacturing industry in Australia; the Australian Ballet Company talking to career dancers about life after dancing and for the police working on a workforce planning project that revolved around the skills required to tackle the changing nature of crime and attracting a workforce that represented and reflected the current make up of the communities it serviced.  


It's not just career direction, resumes, LinkedIn profiles or interview coaching that Kerina focuses on but also performing in a role and this can involve coaching and training around: difficult conversations, confidence, time management and change management skills, dealing with a difficult boss or coworker, giving and receiving feedback, mentoring or managing and leading people. Kerina helps organisations to get the best out of their people and to create the best work environments possible.     


Change management is another area of expertise. Change within organisations might not be negotiable but HOW an organisation does the change is. I enable change to take place, ensure people adjust and make the change stick. 


As a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia, Kerina contributes to her professional association through publications and regular attendance at industry events. I uphold confidentiality and have a high standard of professional ethics.


Kerina's passion is to work with people to be more confident in their career and to realise their career potential, resulting in improved career engagement and work performance. It's that simple.

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