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Going for an interview, looking to secure a new job?

Some solid and sound advice is given in this Economist article (and book "“Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs”,). It doesn't matter whether you are aiming for a salary of >$100K or not, this article again confirms the top 4 success factors for securing a job in today's job market:

1. Confidence "the most prized possession is not brainpower, but self confidence" or "It is not style, rather than substance". Sometimes you have to put on an act;

2. Networking - you must mix with the right people who can make the hiring decisions (and that does not always mean HR). Your network is your networth. You must go where they are eg. to same universities, sport, holidays, events etc.;

3. Fit - people like to hire people like themselves, they want to hire someone who can "be their friends as well as their colleagues"

4. Research - come prepared. Research can make up your shortfall in personally knowing someone or can boost your confidence as you feel prepared and knowledgeable.

So, are you doing all these 4 things well?

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