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What's wrong with nannies?

I meet with many women who are 'afraid' to hire help. Either they feel guilty, don't trust others with their kids, want to prove they can do it all or think that's only for 'rich' people. There is no shame in hiring help and we know that kids who have nannies grow up fine and have just as close relationships with their parents. Imagine the possibilities if parents did hire help?

Women could have careers, not just jobs, stay in the workforce and be more productive and not to mention happier in life and work.

As Ita Buttrose (AO OBE) has said, "if Australia adopted more of a nanny culture, it would help women stay in work, continue to climb the corporate ladder and snare the chief executive's role." Wouldn't be great if a benefit in your pay package included help at home? Kids don't have to be your excuse for not having a career or working as much as you would like. What's stopping you from hiring help?

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