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Altered Career


Job Search advice and career coaching

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Hi! I'm Kerina Alter and the​ founder/ director and principle career coach of Altered Career.

I am a published and qualified career counsellor and trainer. Over 10 years spent in the marketing and communications field taught me the value of being able to network, market oneself and write to an audience and a brief - skills essential to finding and securing a job.

Experience has been gained in recruitment, education, management consulting, financial services, engineering, science, university and government sectors.


How I Can

Help You

Altered Career provides job search advice and career coaching to individuals and organisations.  Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income, and that's what we help with.

Altered Career wants to lessen the confusion and stress often associated with finding a new job and career. We aim to increase your job satisfaction and engagement. We coach you to identify your strengths, your career goals, to know how to best market yourself, to understand the Australian job and labour market and to know the latest techniques for searching and applying for jobs.

Altered Career coaches are passionate about working with professional adults to realise their career potential, resulting in improved career engagement and work performance.

Altered Career empowers job seekers to know what their career options are, be job ready, conduct an effective job search and present themselves in the best possible way.


Altered Career also helps organisations to increase employee engagement. We provide coaching services to help you manage and develop the potential of your workforce. We provide career development support, outplacement / career transition/ redundancy services, executive coaching, retirement and succession planning and training in how to have career conversations, employability skills / soft skills (confidence, time management, assertive skills, leadership) and mentor programs.

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